Combination of traditional chinese medicine and academic medicine

Conventional medicine uses medical diagnosis and therapy according to recognized scientific methods, which are taught in medical schools. In my opinion you can achieve the best results if conventional medicine and TCM are combined and used as a dual system. TCM serves more as a preventive treatment, to strengthen the health while conventional medicine is used more to treat symptomatic diseases with artificial products and techniques.

I also use a modern device to do a pulse diagnosis. With the ANSWATCH wrist monitor, it is possible to measure a wide range of body values. This includes, among other things:

After a 10-minute-test-period, the data will be analyzed by the device. These are explained in a conversation with me. If there are problems found by the device, the patient will be informed whereon he has to be mindful of. You can also get print out of the detailed report and its results. Afterwards I try to determine an appropriate treatment method from both conventional medicine and from the TCM.

The pulse diagnosis with the ANSWATCH wrist monitor will take 1 hour and will only be done with prior appointment.