Find your way to recovery, promote your health and harmony in body, mind and soul at the new medical practice in the DC MED HEALTH CARE.

We offer a consultation office as the place to go for any kind of medical problems. Our great team of medical specialists can provide extensive health care.

Our goal is to be responsive to each patient with his or her individual needs. We offer a wide variety of treatment and therapy options and we have expertise in the fields of western medicine as well as traditional Chinese medicine.

Our multilingual team offers a wide range of medical services and can also organize follow­up appointments at hospitals and make arrangments for transportation if necessary.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Donau City.

Dr. med. univ. Mei Li

Primarius Dr. Leopold Kasses
Irritable Bowel Syndrom Outpatient Department

Dr. med. univ. Mei Li
Genereal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Dr. med. univ. Sophie-Therese Hölbling
Specialist in Internal Medicine (at present: additional professional training Haematology-Oncology), General Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine

Carsten Meyl, BSc.
Dietetics and Nutrition, TCM Dietetics and Phytotherapy

In collaboration with:
Dr. Benedikt Walzel
Specialist in Surgery and Visceral Surgery, Assistent Medical Director at SMZ-Floridsdorf

Dr. Martina Schneider
Specialist in Neurosurgery at Krankenanstalt Rudolfstiftung


by prior appointment


Tel.: 069915226080 (During clinic hours)
Tel.: 06605226080 (Dr. LI)


U1 Kaisermühlen VIC, direction to DC Living.
Parking options at DC Living garage.

The new consultation office in Donau City offers quality medical care to patients – conveniently located and multilingual.

The group practice is a collaboration of several medical perspectives. With the cooperation of many specialists in one location, the connections between patients and doctors are shortened. Lines of communication are faster and mutual exchange of information among medical staff expedite appropriate diagnosis and therapy planning. A shared reception desk offers more efficient administration which results in less paperwork and better customer service.

Working hand in hand for the wellbeing of the patient – individually and together to deliver outstanding health care. Are you interested in working in the DC MED HEALTH CARE?

Please contact us:

Tel.: 069915226080 (Während Ordinationszeit)
Tel.: 06605226080 (Dr. LI)